Who inspires me — I’d have to say my immediate family because they are always there to cheer me on and inspire me.
What Inspires me — I’d have to say nature inspires me, all animals but mostly dogs, my dog, all the dogs I’ve had in the past and will have in the future.
Where do I create — I have a little room in my condo that is devoted entirely to my craft, it’s called a sunroom because it’s really too small for a bedroom so it’s perfect for my office/studio space.
How Long have you been working with polymer clay? I’d say about two years now that I’ve been working with polymer clay, but have worked with arts/crafts all my life, but found a true love and passion for poly clay.


My third clutch of dragon babies are ready to leave the nest, I’m so proud of them! These are my offerings in my third Christi Friesen-themed dragon bead swap, all of which I have signed up for at the swaps page on Polymer Clay Central. Swapping is so fun. This time around, one of the major issues was to try to keep our dragons to the size of a quarter. In the first two rounds, the dragons were rather large and dare I say- unwearable. I plan to put all 25 (whew!) of mine into a shadow box once I get my swapped dragons. It is so fun to get a box in the mail with other artist’s interpretations of the theme, I can’t wait!!! And, I was really smart- the swap is for two groups of 5, and this time I made myself one of each to keep!!!! They are embellished with Swarovski Crystal chatons and either goldfilled or sterling silver eyes. So fun!

Here are the entries for the February Romance Challenge. Everyone did an amazing job. Thanks to all that participated! I will post a forum thread tomorrow to start the voting. The winner will be announced on March 1st! Pictures of the winner prize and the voter prize are listed on the guild’s flickr site.

#1. Surrounded in Love by

#2. Charles Goes All Out for Valentine’s Day by

#3. Deceitful Romance – Love Potion Ring by

#4. Love is in the Air by

#5. Petals and Lace by

#6. Wedding Dove Jewelry Box by

#7. Little Hearts by

#8. Garden of Romance Tile Bracelet by

#9. I Brought You a Daisy by

#10. Love is Ageless by

#11. Love is Meow-velous by

#12. Red Bird Romance by

#13. Crazy Heart by

#14. Spring Romance Cha Cha Bracelet by

#15. Romance in Bloom by

#16. Polymer, Sterling and Copper Heart Pendant by

#17. A Gentle Kiss by