May 2007

The bad news: We’ve moved again.

The good news: Our wandering days are over, and we’ll be able to do so much more than we could before. Our new and final home is at — see you there!



Who inspires you?
My family inspires me to keep creating. I am a SAHM and have been supplementing our income with my work. I constantly see sources of inspiration from my kid’s cartoons and books, to flowers in our yard and things inside our home. Clients inspire me when thay ask me to make something I’ve never attempted before. I love the challenge of matching fabric, characters in a story, etc. My husband gives me honest criticism, as do my children. This also inspires me to keep working harder to get better.

What inspires you?
I love color! I am forever looking at all sorts of everyday items and things found in nature with colors that catch my eye. I recently based a set of beads on sunflowers, since my daughter and I plan to plant some this year. We also live near the water and the ocean colors, things on the beach, etc. put images in my head.

Children’s clothing is a big source of inspiration – again – the color. I love to match items for clients who want to accessorize and create the perfect outfit!

Squirrel, Piggy, Bunny

Where do you create?
I create in my basement studio. The entire family uses is too. We call it the “craft room” – the room that’s O.K. to get very messy. A small area is dedicated to my work and houses all of my stuff. I work mostly at night when the house is quiet and I am alone in “my cave” with my clay and my thoughts.

How long have you been working with polymer clay?
I have been working with polymer clay for over 15 years. I always loved to string beads, but quickly ran out of money. My parents (the artisitc gene runs in my blood!) bought me a book, “The New Clay”, by Nan Roche, that demonstrated how to make your own beads (as well as many other things) out of clay. I was instantly hooked! Don’t ask to see my first creations – they were awful! I persevered and loved the instant gratification when a good piece would emerge before my eyes. Not until just a few years ago did I begin selling online. Back when I had the time to commit, I entered craft shows and fairs. Family takes center stage now. After all, that’s who I do it for!