Who inspires you?
Retro SwirlI was first inspired to work with polymer clay by Kathy, my good friend and a local Spokane artist. Kathy creates life-like polymer clay Santa’s. So, two years ago I went out and purchased my first block of clay intent on making my own Santa. The result was raw and somewhat flawed, but I was fascinated with this new medium. I am big on research, so googling up polymer clay artists on the internet introduced me to the versatility of clay. Donna Kato and Maggie Maggio have been my most recent inspirations as far as well-known clay artisans go. Although, I have to give credit to the unknown artist as well! I am equally inspired by many local artists and those whose talent has yet been undiscovered. I am so grateful that many clay artists are willing to share their artwork and more importantly, publish tutorials on the art of polymer clay. Reading books, magazines and tutorials then trying out different techniques keeps me busy beyond belief. More often than not, marveling at the end result. It is amazing how many different directions clay will take you; imagination is your only limitation.

What inspires you?
Father ChristmasLife in general inspires me. As I go about my day I am constantly aware of color, shapes, textures and the emotion evoked from everything visual. Staying in touch with my emotions, really examining what brings on a smile, a good feeling… Was it a color? A shape? How can I re-create that feeling with a work of art? Sometimes I need to reach out and touch an object, just to get the feel and imagine how to create that same feeling. I put my heart into all of my work and I would hope that my art brings with it some emotion to those who experience it.

Where do you create?
For so long I had a corner here, a table there, a space in the basement or the back of a closet to store my stuff. My kids grew up and all the sudden I had these extra rooms in the house! I recently converted my son’s old bedroom into my very own art studio! I’ve got great lighting with two large windows and morning sun, heaps of storage and workspace. I am in heaven! Summer months here in Spokane, you can find me in our outdoor room surrounded by the colors of summer flowers, which by the way are everywhere!

How long have you been working with polymer clay?
I am rather new to PC, picked it up two years ago for the first time but never really got serious about it until about 6 months ago. I joined Etsy in Nov. ’06, then began selling Mar. 2, 2007 ( ). I feel like I am in a student position right now, still learning and experimenting. I have so much to learn and so many things yet untried! It’s an exciting position to be in, I have so much to look forward to and don’t feel I will wear out my welcome to polymer clay any time soon!

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